Michael Dinh, O.D.
Optometrist inside Rohnertpark Costco
5901 Redwood Drive | Rohnert Park, CA 94928 | (707)588-8656


Below is a sample of testimonials from some of our wonderful patients!

Terrie Heon from Sonoma

"I had some concerns about my eyes and called to make an appointment with Dr. Dinh. I was able to get in that very day! Both Dr. Dinh and his assistant were friendly and professional. Dr. Dinh patiently listened to my concerns, did a very thorough exam, explained the results and answered all of my questions. I left feeling relieved and happy to know that I now have a great eye doctor for the future, who just happens to be conveniently located right inside my Costco!"

Eric Wheaton from Kelseyville

"I was a committed Lenscrafters client until I tried Costco. I met Dr. Dinh for my eye exam and once I got my new glasses I realized how much better my exam was, my glasses were, and how impressed I am about my "new glasses" experience. Thank you Dr. Dinh and staff."

Karen Walsh from Petaluma

"Dr. Dinh was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I am now "reader" free. Myra, Dr. Dinh's assistant, was very friendly as well. Appointment was quick and easy."

Michael Beale from Sonoma

"Today I had my eyes checked for the first time in 10 years. I was lucky to have Dr. Michael Dinh examine my eyes. He took the time to educate me with the process and all of my options. Dr. Dinh has a great deal of knowledge and patience. I left his office fully understanding my options. I was able to purchase new glasses right after the appointment because of a great explanation of my choices. I will tell all of my friends to see him for their eyes."

Trace Gale from Petaluma

"I came in to have my eyes checked and I now have monovision contact lenses. I used to have to run around the house to find my readers, but after today no more of that! I can see perfect! Love it! Thank you so much."

Gaynl B. Smith from Santa Rosa

"After my cataract surgery, unfortunately, I did not have great vision. I could read without glasses, but couldn't see things at a distance. Dr. Dinh did a fantastic job of restoring my vision with a new pair of glasses. Thank you Dr. Dinh!"

Dr. Kimberly Gordocan from Santa Rosa

"My name is Dr. Kimberly Gordacan. I am a patient of Dr. Michael Dinh's. He helped me more than any other Optometrist I have seen prior to coming to his office. For many years even decades I had wanted to wear contacts but was unable to because I could not get the vision corrected enough to drive or read. When I first saw Dr. Dinh he told me to complain until he ran out of ways to help me. It took 2 or 3 different pairs of contacts, but he did the job better than I expected. Now I highly recommend him to all of my friends, family, and practice members."

Raquel Tapia from Rohnert Park

"I am more than pleased with Dr. Dinh. I had problems with my close up vision and now I can see perfect. He also fit me with a new pair of contacts and they are more comfortable than my prior ones. I am very satisfied and will be returning for future exams."

Arlene McCann from Petaluma

"I recently visited Dr. Michael Dinh and was so amazed. I am 62 years old and get my eyes checked every year. I have been told I needed -2.75 contacts for the past 12 years even after complaining my eyes did not see well and hurt at times. Dr. Michael Dinh discovered my eyes improved to -2.25. Being a skeptic, I tried to convince him that I needed -2.75. Only a few minutes of wearing my new -2.25 contacts I could tell, I see perfectly and my eyes do not hurt. Where has he been these last 12 years? I am so grateful to have found a professional and competent Doctor of his caliber who knows exactly what his patient needs. Incidentally, he also discovered the beginning of cataracts. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs an accurate eye exam."